Eric “Superman” Sturgess is a former correctional officer for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. He worked at Centinela State Prison for three years before he retired due to injuries sustained in the line of duty. He worked on the Level 3 Bravo yard and the Level 4 Charlie yard as a Floor Officer for most of his time as a correctional officer.

When Eric was a rookie, the Crips in his building Charlie 5 (nicknamed “The Jungle”) gave him the moniker of Superman, which stuck with him throughout his tenure in the CDCR.  If hardcore convicts on a rocking Level IV prison yard in California nickname an officer Superman, his character and demeanor require no further explanation. Level IV convicts don’t typically give out flattering nicknames to correctional officers because of the tension between the opposing groups, especially on one of the most violent prison yards in all of California at the time.

Eric has emerged as a highly accomplished investor and Day Trader, engaging in trading activities with a substantial value of stocks annually. He enjoys the status of a dedicated husband and father, being blessed with four wonderful daughters who hold a special place in his heart. Eric’s existence revolves around upholding the virtues of a devout Christian, a devoted husband, and a caring father, guided by the grace of God. His journey has been transformative, considering his challenging upbringing, and he now stands as an illustrious testament to the boundless possibilities achievable through faith.
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