California Prison Slang Dictionary

This is the definitive California prison slang dictionary with over 3,000 individual entries. There is not a more comprehensive and updated version of California prison slang available anywhere else in the world. If you want to know what words California convicts actually use when communicating, this is your final destination.

California Prison Confessions

Be on the lookout for my one-of-a-kind autobiography that focuses on my time working as a corrections officer in the California Department of Corrections. I pull no punches when describing what happens behind those bloody prison walls. Rape, attempted murder, corrupt officers, prison politics, gory gangs wars, and much more are revealed in this one-of-a-kind autobiography from a sworn peace officer. The Crips on the Level 4 Charlie Yard at Centinela State Prison gave me the nickname of Superman, and it stuck with me through my tenure in CDC.

California Prison Inmate Weapons

This book presents a comprehensive compilation of a California prison inmate weapon collection, encompassing bangers dating from the 1960s to the present day. One can only fathom the extent of harm inflicted by these gruesome weapons upon their victims throughout the years. The majority of these contraband items were concealed by convicts within their anal cavities for prolonged periods, facilitating their covert transportation within the prison confines. Remarkably, this stands as the largest and most extensive private assemblage of California prison bangers globally.

California Prison Inmate Art

Presented within these pages is the most extensive privately held compilation of California inmate prison art to date. Beyond the confines of prison walls lies an abundance of exceptional talent, and this book offers a mere glimpse into that reservoir of creativity.

Prison Paños: Ink on Cloth

This book contains the top 50 paños from the world’s most extensive collection of prison paños. Paños are intricate works of art drawn on linen, handkerchiefs, and bandannas. These artists are exceptionally skilled, and it takes years to master this art form. They take great pride in these creations because they put their heart and soul into them. 

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